PSC Biotech™: Our Division In Asia

By Joseph Micsko, Operations Director, PSC Biotech™, Asia

PSC Biotech™ Asia Beginnings

PSC Biotech™, formerly PSC Asia, entered the Asian market in 2007, headquartered in Singapore, with a vision of providing a top-notch calibration lab and expert consulting to local life science companies. PSC Biotech™ also entered as wholly owned company in China, aiming to reach international standards in order to establish the company globally. To date, PSC Biotech™ now has a large presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and India.

My PSC Biotech™ Journey

Almost six years ago I began my career with PSC Biotech™ and haven’t looked back. I found right away the type of culture and vision they expected out of their employees: “family-like” type culture, where each employee feels directly apart of the company’s success. PSC™’s culture and vision comes straight from our CEO, John Clapham. John has displayed his trust in his employees to help build out his vision of not only offering consulting services, but a life-science based company that offers solutions to meet a number of our client’s needs.

That vision did not stop in the US. After 2 years of being in Los Angeles, John insisted that the Singapore office was in need of a strong project manager; someone who had a diverse set of technical skills to assist in the emerging Asian market, and that I was the man for the job. After few months of discussion, on June 8, 2015, my wife and I packed all of our belongings to start new chapter of my career at PSC Biotech in Singapore. Fast-forward almost four years later, I have no regrets.

PSC Biotech™ Singapore Office

Over the last three years at PSC Biotech™ in Singapore, the leadership, along with the management team, has helped PSC Asia grow from 30+ employees to 85+ employees. PSC Biotech has become a highly reputable and recognized company in Singapore and Asia, and we only expect more success with each coming year.

Singapore BioPharma Industry

With Singapore at the heart of Asia, it has become an attractive location for both pharma and biotech companies to manufacture their products and offer their services in order to reach the Asian healthcare market needs. Currently, eight of the 10 top pharma companies have operations and facilities within Singapore’s biomedical hub, and four of those companies produce the top 10 highest revenue drugs in the world.

Singapore has been a major city for the industry since the 1970’s, but has just recently shifted their focus to manufacturing biopharmaceuticals over the last 10 years. This has exploded Singapore’s production three times over since the 2000s, resulting in over 16 billion dollars’ worth to global markets every year.

PSC Biotech™ looks forward to continuing our services globally in 2019 and beyond.