PSC Software™ Launches Functionality Innovation by Adding API to Product, Adaptive Compliance Engine™

PSC Software announced that their product, Adaptive Compliance Engine™ (ACE), a software-as-a-service (SaaS) enterprise quality management system and document management solution, now offers application programming interface (API) capabilities as of ACE version 3.3.3. By adding the API functionality, ACE is able to fit the needs of all life science companies, regardless of size and preexisting software applications. The flexibility of ACE is now completely optimal for the total customer experience in creating integrated digital ecosystems across all software platforms in order to maintain a strong foundation for all business models. The API functionality of ACE now allows the communication between enterprise level applications fulfilling the duties of customer-relationship management, clinical software, enterprise resource planning, manufacturing applications, supply chain management, product life cycle management, accounting, research and development informatics and research and development discovery platforms.