Shipping and Packaging Validation

At PSC, we can reduce the risk of re-testing and product recalls by ensuring that your product is able to withstand the transportation, storage, and operating environments encountered during shipment to customer sites or distribution centers. We ensure risk-free shipping by testing the thermal performance and product stability of your packaged product under simulated distribution conditions. We can also assist in the determination of the most appropriate packaging configuration using temperature mapping and package optimization studies. In addition to validation, we also offer the following package testing services:

All testing equipment and instrumentation used during validation is guaranteed certified and calibrated according to NIST standards with the highest quality of accuracy and precision. Our testing is done in accordance with the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) standards.

Package/shipping validation is a cost-saving procedure. We can help your company:

  • Make sound packaging decisions before problems occur to keep costs down
  • Reduce the rate of product return due to transport and handling failures
  • Eliminate the need for trial shipments – allowing faster commercialization of new products
  • Increase customer satisfaction by efficiently delivering protected package contents
  • Negotiate freight rate and cargo insurance for lower rates with the advantage of lower risk of damage during shipment.
  • Strengthen your position in claims negotiations by providing documented evidence of adequate product packaging, thus encouraging carriers and claims inspectors to look for other causes of damage.

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