Database Design/Development

The lack of critical features in commercial software databases often requires changes to be made to business processes. It can be difficult to integrate with your existing business system or processes if your database system does not meet requirements. PSC can help you evaluate your custom database needs and our database development team can build a custom database application tailored to your exact needs. We also offer custom database programming, database integration, and web database development.

Database services:

  • Design
    • Design and implement custom database solution tailored to business application requirements.
    • Streamline and improve your business operations by reducing data redundancy and improving data access and security.
  • Migration
    • Migrate existing data from legacy database solutions.
    • Takes advantage of newer database features such as speed, accuracy, reliability and security.
  • Integration
    • Merge related data from multiple databases.
    • Allows access to valuable business data easily.
    • Eliminate redundant entries that cause delays and errors.
    • Eliminates the need for manual or archaic methods of data exchange between databases.
  • Performance Optimization
    • Maximize use of system resources to perform work efficiently and rapidly Involves query tuning, configuration of database files, database management system, operating system and hardware.
    • Increase performance without sacrificing reliability or security applications.

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