Contract Manufacturing Setup

PSC is able to assist companies looking to set up or outsource their manufacturing operations. With our extensive experience in starting up manufacturing operations, we can help you reduce the risks involved in setting up your manufacturing operations. From site selection, feasibility studies, planning, building, operation, and management to identifying and implementing expansion plans, we can tailor our program to your specific needs.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • CMO Identification – Creating a master list of potential factories.
  • CMO Evaluations – Initial due diligence and CMO assessment.
  • CMO Site Visits – Facility inspection and capability validation.
  • CMO Site Audits – Verification of quality systems, manufacturing processes, and production line capability.
  • Client Visits – We facilitate your visit to the contract manufacturing organization to carry out your own due diligence and evaluation.
  • Negotiation and Contracting Support – We will supply bilingual staff to assist with the negotiation of quality, specifications, pricing, and delivery terms for the final contract.
  • Supplier Contracting – We can enter into a contract with the supplier on your behalf.
  • Contract Management – Ensuring your products are delivered on time, at the agreed price and within the agreed quality and safety specifications.
  • Management of Quality Control & Compliance – Ensuring your products are free from defects and comply with the required standards.
  • Documentation – Drafting application letters, standard articles of association, standard feasibility studies, and providing samples of necessary documents such as board resolution and bank reference letters.

If you would like more information, get in contact with us directly here.