Laboratory Services

In any science-based industry, it’s the laboratory that make future dreams, present realities. In order for those realities to be possible, the proper facilities and staff are paramount.

PSC Biotech offers services to help you ensure your staff, facilities, and equipment are qualified and comply with all regulatory and industry standards. Our services range from providing you with skilled lab personnel to completely designing or redesigning your facility.

Our laboratory services include:

  • Training in complying with OECD GLP and with 21 CFR Part 58.
  • Assistance in developing laboratory quality systems including policies on handling Out-Of-Specification results, setting up a robust chain of custody, calibration and maintenance policies, management of control article (reference samples), retention and retrieval policies, raw data, and electronic record rules.
  • Assistance with documentationSOPs, records and logbooks, study protocols.
  • Services for the migration of manual systems or legacy systems into modern automated laboratory information management systems.
  • Assistance with your initial and ongoing stability programs including training, protocol and SOP development, results and trend analysis, and photostability testing.
  • Design and Design Review of laboratories.
  • Laboratory and Quality Systems audits.

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