Specialized Laboratory Software

One of our company core expertise areas is the implementation and validation of enterprise IT solutions in regulated environments in the life science industry. We offer services for the following systems:


H&A Scientific® SlimStat® allows you to perform stability testing under 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. To determine the shelf life of your pharmaceutical products, this easy-to-use software predicts the expiry date based on time versus response data and uses industry-standard calculations that produce the same result as the FDA SAS program. It also supports accelerated (Arrhenius calculations), trend analysis, and back calculation of purity.


Waters®’ Empower™ 2 Software is a Chromatography Data Software package which offers advanced data acquisition and control for a variety of instruments used for liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. This software offers flexibility and fast results for efficient performance in working with mass spectrometers and photo diode arrays.


SAS® Drug Development, powered by SAS®9 Enterprise Intelligence Platform, increases productivity and efficiency to get better products to market faster. It allows you to address compliance requirements while centralizing and integrating your clinical research information. Designed for pharmaceutical R&D organizations, SAS® can provide companies with the electronic infrastructure that they need including a range of features from managing a centralized, searchable repository of research information, managing clinical data to complying with regulatory requirements. Other features this software provides that is specific to the drug development industry include a repository integrating molecular information with clinical outcomes, allowing you to access safety and efficacy data easily. With SAS Drug Development framework, it becomes easier for teams to collaborate globally, control costs and deliver products to market quickly. PSC can help you utilize this software to increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity across the life sciences value chain.


We have partnered with Geospiza™ to meet your needs for genetic testing and analysis, DNA services, and bio-manufacturing services. Our vast experience in the life science industry can help you implement and validate the following Geospiza™ Finch® software products to streamline your day to day operations at your facility: Finch® Suite, FinchLab®, iFinch®, and FinchTV®.

Finch® Suite is composed of a set of modules including laboratory information management, data management, business operations and analytics capabilities. These modules can help support site assessment and validation activities.

FinchLab® is web-based technology designed to be accessible anywhere, anytime. From online ordering to distribution of analyzed results and invoicing, FinchLab® provides a complete package for your software and hardware needs. Real-time centralized data access is also available to users. Compared to other solutions, FlinchLab requires lower upfront investment, has more predictable costs, and can be implemented quickly.

iFinch® lets you store, organize and share DNA sequencing data online. Data can also be exported to many common formats. It can be combined with FinchTV®, a chromatogram viewer that can display entire trace in a scalable multi-plane view.


BeyondTrust® has a suite of products to support your internal and regulatory security compliance requirements within heterogeneous Windows®, Linux® and UNIX® environments.

BeyondTrust PowerBroker® secures access to UNIX® and Linux® administrative privileges. This software also enhances security and accountability and provides detailed audit trail of each task.

BeyondTrust PowerKeeper® is multi-platform password management software that delivers the level of security and reliability that organizations need to meet audit and regulatory compliance in addition to operational and internal risk-management requirements.

BeyondTrust PowerPassword® provides password user management for UNIX® and Linux® machines. It offers customizable login policies, and provides logs and reports of all accounts and events for audit and regulatory compliance.

BeyondTrust PowerAdvantage® extends the benefits of Microsoft®’s Active Directory® on UNIX® and Linux® systems by leveraging the group policy features of Active Directory®. Key features include: cross-platform unified design, simple installation process, integration with PowerBroker®, automated deployment of configuration settings, and targeted configuration management.


Agilent® Technologies carries a wide range of products and services used for validation, such as Operating System for the Lab, Electronic Lab Notebook Solutions, Chromatography Data Systems, Mass Spectrometry Work Stations, Spectroscopy Data Systems, Lab-on-a-Chip Workstations, LIMS, and Life Science Informatics.

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