Recalls and Corrective Actions

Product recalls can cause devastating damage to a company’s reputation and customer loyalty. Without a formal process it can quickly turn into a crisis. If managed correctly, a product recall does not have to be a crisis. To minimize the costs and mitigate the associated risks of such an incident, companies must proactively assess and manage risk.

As one of the most experienced companies in this area, PSC Biotech’s recalls and corrective action management services can help you:

  • Develop a process that defines the process of a product recall.
  • Manage product recall-related communications with customers and regulatory agencies.
  • Manage product recall-related litigation.
  • Ensure business accountability in terms of any product recall exposures.

We work closely with our clients from assessment, implementation, and to recovery. Our services include:

  • Product assessment to identify the scope of the recall.
  • Development of product recall methodologies.
  • Project management services including reporting and cost analysis.
  • Preparation of documentation required by regulatory authorities.

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