We provide top-quality consulting, validation, and IT services to enable our clients to deliver better products to their customers as efficiently as possible. By helping companies meet industry and regulatory standards and compliance requirements, we help make sure that Americans and people the world over are able to access the best possible product that fits their needs.

Our experienced staff of consultants have helped many companies throughout the world streamline their processes. By improving the efficiency and quality of the supply chain we not only reduce the time frame from product to customer but can do so at lower costs. These advantages are passed down to customers in the form of better products or services in shorter time frames. When we reduce the time frame to the customer while maintaining regulatory standards, we help industry professionals and their companies succeed.

PSC Biotech provides professional services in engineering, commissioning, validation, compliance, quality assurance, documentation protocol, and regulatory affairs. We also rent, sell, and calibrate pharmaceutical and biotechnology equipment.

Our services include:

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