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Hart Scientific® 9107 Dry-Well Calibrator

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Monthly Rental Price: $400.00
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The Hart Scientific® Model 9107 dry-well calibrator may be used as a portable instrument for calibration of temperature probes. The 9107 Dry-Well Calibrator operates over the range of –45°C to 140°C.

These dry-well calibrators feature an interchangeable aluminum probe sleeve along with 4 fixed wells. The temperature is accurately controlled by Hart's precision temperature controller.

The calibrator controller uses a precision platinum RTD as a sensor and controls the well temperature with thermoelectric modules. The LED front panel display continuously shows the current well temperature. The temperature may be easily set with the control buttons to any desired temperature within the specified range.

The 9107 dry-well calibrator was designed for portability, moderate cost, and ease of operation. With proper use the instrument should provide continued accurate calibration of temperature sensors and devices.


Ambient Temperature:
5–50°C (40–120°F)

Operating Range:
–45°C to 140°C (–49°F to 284°F) at 23°C ambient

Drilled Wells: ±0.2°C (0.36°F)
Center well: ±0.1°C

Control Stability:
0.02°C (0.04°F)

Test Wells:
One 3/4" dia. x 6" deep, two 1/4" dia. x 6", one 3/16" dia. x 6" deep, and one 1/8" x 6" deep

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