BioTechnique: Our Contract Manufacturing Facility

By Kative Favino, Quality Control Analyst, BioTechnique

If I rewound the clock to two years ago to the day and told myself where I am now and what I have learned, I would hardly believe myself. In January of 2017 during my undergrad at the University of Rhode Island, I began an internship for BioTechnique, PSC Biotech Corporation’s contract manufacturing facility. Today, I am happy to be a part of BioTechnique as a full time Quality Control Analyst.

Established in 2014, BioTechnique’s goal is to provide fill-finish manufacturing services, focusing in sterile and highly potent injectable products (e.g. oncolytics, vaccines, antibody-drug conjugates). The addition of BioTechnique is a step forward for the PSC group in becoming a one-stop life science service and manufacturing solution for our clients worldwide.

Since opening the doors to production in 2015, BioTechnique has completed clinical manufacturing of a live attenuated virus vaccine for a major charitable trust, ANDA registration batches and IND clinical trial batches for a generic-manufacturer and nanobiotechnology companies. BioTechnique functions on Adaptive Compliance Engine (ACE™), our highly-configurable enterprise quality management software system. From controlled documents to deviations and investigations to environmental monitoring to purchase orders to receiving and inventory control, ACE tracks all of our operations in one convenient location, another way in which our facility is unique and validates our trustworthiness.

As a niche contract manufacturing facility, I’ve had the opportunity to work with experts in every department. No task is too big or too small for any person at any level, which has taught me more than I believe I could learn anywhere else. Our mission is to ensure these life-saving drugs are brought to market safely and correctly, no excuses.